Excuse me, that’s just the first line that comes to my head when I think of Kanye West. Now, I WAS a huge fan of Kanye when he first broke the industry in 2004 with his classic “The College Dropout” album. He really swept me off my feet when he remained consistent and followed that album with two more classics, “Late Registration” and “Graduation”. Since then, not so impressed. But that’s what happens when we let it all go to our heads. I honestly don’t know how the man walks on two feet considering the amount of weight upon his shoulders. I don’t agree with much of what Kanye has to say or do these days. I wish he would do a little more for US. But I am not MAD 640px-Kanyewestdec2008at him though. By all means brother enjoy this life, for you only live once.

In recent years, Kanye has disturbed many of us with his outlandish comparisons. Obama, Picasso, and Walt Disney are just a few from this long list. One in particular though has always stood out to me; his comparison of himself to God.

“YaaaSSS!” is all I could think when I heard the record that was released on Yeezus in 2013 titled “I am a God”. He has continued to make the comparison since that record dropped. All I seem to see on my facebook, instagram, and twitter timelines though are people bashing him for it. I was going to keep my thoughts to myself but fact of the matter is – HE IS INDEED A GOD. Really though, look at his nose, look at his build, look at his melanin!

To make a long story short, Africans who looked just like Mr. West walked this earth first. If you didn’t know this, well you’ll learn plenty before the oppressor decides this blog is no good and takes it down. Until then we’ll educate the best we can through this platform. Anyways an African man and woman were the first to create life.

As Carolyn Graves-Brown, Curator of the Egypt Center at Swansea University, points out in her book, Dancing For Hathor: Women in Ancient Egypt (London and New York: Continuum, 2010) 2,101, 102.

“in ancient Egypt, it was men who were considered the creators…The idea of the male creator extended to the world of the gods. There was no concept of mother earth, but rather the earth was personified as the male god, Geb…

We began this cycle of reproduction. We gave birth to this world. Ironically we even gave birth to our oppressors. Inherently if the black man is God, the black woman is Goddess. So honestly everyone was made in the image of God. In order to pick up where we left off, as the leaders of the world, we must get back to our roots. We must view ourselves equal to our ancient ancestors. We must concede that Kanye West is indeed a God.


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  1. When asked about that song, Kanye responded “Would you rather me say ‘I am a N*igger’, ‘I am a Gangsta’?” Meaning those stereotypes fit better on a black man, and no one would think twice about a rapper saying them. But a black man to have the self esteem to say he’s a god? Society flips out. It’s a song about empowerment and self confidence.

    That’s one meaning at least. This song began as a reaction to his conflict with fashion guru Hedi Slimane. Also, the “damn croissants” line is obviously a signal to his listeners to not take it so seriously, that there is some tongue-in-cheek going on as well.

    Nice post.


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