Meet the S.H.E.D. Squad


It’s not all that often you see a band that looks quite like the one to the left. The S.H.E.D. Squad band was formed by band member Scooby in 2014. S.H.E.D. is an acronym meaning music that Saturates.Heals.Elevates. and is Diverse. After watching them perform on many occasions and headline The Vibe Open Mic specifically – I can agree that the acronym is appropriate. The two lead vocalist do a good job coordinating with the band. Their performances are always very well balanced with queen Cicily Bullard and king Keyvoko. These two soulful butterflies contribute heavily to the mission of saturation. In addition to Scooby on keys, Keyvoko also headlines on keys from time to time. Rashad rocks out on drums and the man was sick when I seen him play! Literally. We had to put the band on early just to accommodate his being ill, but he played flawlessly and not a soul could tell he was a bit under the weather. The band does covers to some of our favorite soul classics and they even mix in some new school RnB with splashes of soft rock. I loved their cover to Anthony Hamilton’s “I’m Cool” and Rihanna’s “Man Down”. This overall sound and balance of genres really heals and elevates the spirit and sends a wave of good vibes. I was definitely feeling it. Last but not least amongst all this melanin, there is the white guy. Hence the diversity. But don’t judge.. he holds his own. Steven Sprowels proved he is one of the dopest guitarist in the Louisville area with his solo performance this past Thursday at The Vibe. According to the S.H.E.D. Squad:


If i’m not mistaken the entire band is under 30! How refreshing is that? Young people with melanin living their dreams and spreading positive energy through music. I encourage more musicians to form a band like Scooby did. LOVE, UNITE, AND RISE! Thats the formula. Thank you S.H.E.D. Squad for doing just that. I wish you much success on your journey forward.

(Band members not mentioned above include singer Tiana Middleton and engineer/keyboardist T-Wreckz)

To book the S.H.E.D. Squad just email or visit Also be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter. Peace.


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