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New Music: WunTayk Timmy – Run Run


From MVP, to Phresh, to WunTayk Timmy – this young man has grown tremendously as an artist over the last 5 years that I have had the opportunity to follow his movement and I am honored to present to you what is in my opinion his best work yet. WunTayk Timmy urges us to “show these motherfuckers we aint runnin no more”. According to Tim:

I am in NO way promoting violence or attacks on any police or government force. I am in EVERY way promoting equality, holding every individual responsible for their actions, and the PRESERVATION OF BLACK LIVES!

We know whats up though Mr. WunTayk, we hear you loud and clear. “Run Run” is one of the most profound songs I have heard related to the police’s recent publicized killings of black men and women. I would post some of my favorites quotes from the record but their are way too many so i’ll let you listen for yourself.

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One comment on “New Music: WunTayk Timmy – Run Run

  1. […] features WunTayk Timmy who just released new single “Run Run” yesterday. Check that out here. “Ease” is produced by Syk Sense. I have been waiting some time for my favs to come […]


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