Meet D-Twizt Twizted

11046976_910730442326382_338176717107429282_nWhile listening to the intro of D-Twizt Twizted’s latest project “Jinchuriki Leo’s Pride (EP)” I said to myself, this cat is on to something. Here it is 2015 and it’s like I’m listening to a project released in 1985. The kid has an old soul. Twizt sounds like classic hip-hop music with a sprinkle of reggae. If you were into The Beastie Boys or Run DMC you’ll appreciate this music. This week he has been featured as the Maxwell Sounds Sounds of The Week artist. Check out his interview with Louisville’s own DJ Bombshell here:

Also be sure to check out the 7 track EP “Jinchuriki Leo’s Pride” below:


My favorite records on the project are the socially conscious “Take Notes” and “Global Perspective”. Here are the official music videos:

You can catch D-Twizt perform live in Louisville, KY any given Thursday at The Vibe Open Mic. D-Twizt is currently booking shows around the country.

Keep up with D-Twizt Twizted:

Twitter & Soundcloud


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