Meet The AC Unit

L to R: Young Wop, Sketch, Jesus Phelps.

“The coolest muthafunkas on the planet.” Also known by ACU, the Louisville, KY Hip-Hop trio has apparently come to fuck shit up – and with no mercy. This past Thursday ACU headlined The Vibe Open Mic in Louisville and I had a front row seat to a hell of a performance. Not only is their music dope but they have the stage presence to back it up. They found a way to turn all the way up in the sexy scenery that is the front bar of the Cure Lounge. It was done with style and grace. The fellas really feed off of each other’s energy and coordinate well together on stage, involve the crowd, and remain very animated during their entire set. Their sound is new and fresh. According to the group their sound is:

“A dynamic hybrid of Hip-Hop sounds fused with a Soul influence and rock elements.”

1395113_761223530558804_348669843_nThe trippy trio formed the group in their hometown of Louisville, KY with aspirations of innovating the current state of Rap music. The ACU members include Young Wop, Jesus Phelps, and Sketch who have one goal, and that’s to dominate your iTunes playlist! I believe in the next few years, they will do just that. We don’t have many hip-hop groups left. Every emcee has an ego too big to collaborate with other artist on a consistent basis. So, ACU will be in a lane of their own. They are Outkast meets Taylor Gang. A good mix of southern and west coast vibes and sounds. Check out a good example of this mix below with the AC Unit’s single “Take Another One”. But first check out the exclusive BTS video:

In addition to the dope group dynamic, all three of the guys have a unique style and approach and are all working on independent projects while gearing up for their debut LP titled “Black Ashtray” due to drop later this year. They performed Young Wop’s all new single “Tahoe”. Its a hit ladies and gentlemen. We all turned way up on this one. I can’t wait until Wop drops the visual. It should be a lot of fun. I would even like to see the full collective remix the song. Check out “Tahoe” now here:

These guys are most definitely the coolest muthafunkas on the planet. I loved the intro to their performance with the Outkast sample. I anticipate it will also be the intro to the “Black Ashtray” LP. It gives ode. As artist, we were all influenced heavily by someone and one day there will be a group giving ode to the AC Unit. Next week we will release video footage from their headlining performance at The Vibe Open Mic. Just wait for it. I hope you have enjoyed the unit just as much as I did. Peace.


Keep up with ACU in all their future success:

FacebookInstagram, Soundcloud and Youtube.


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