New Music: 2Deep – Same Love

2deepsameloveMy heart just got really warm. Today Louisville hip-hop group 2Deep brings us new music with “Same Love”. Its so refreshing to see two brothers married with kids and making music about it! Same Love is a song about the love of having a kid and the joy of being a father. In the single art we see 2Deep’s Tez and S.G. Smitty together with their kids. I’m listening to the vocals on the RnB hook and I’m looking for the name of the feature – there isn’t one. Tez is singing his ass off in this one! Of course he gives us a 16 as well as Smitty. I had to listen to the song four times before I could move along in my soundcloud playlist. Its that good. Its that powerful and it’s well needed in Hip-Hop especially in their hometown of Louisville, KY where most rappers just talk about turning up, bang bang shoot em down. I love the diversity. Big ups and thanks to 2Deep for making such a beautiful song. I hope you enjoy this melanin:

Keep up with 2Deep:

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