10 Yr Old Eunice Akoth at The Women In The World Summit with “My Dream” Speech

I have been blown away this Sunday evening by a 10 year old Eunice Akoth. Eunice performs a speech she wrote called “My Dream” at The Women In The World Summit and I am in awe of her presence and ability to captivate a crowd at such a young age. Eunice is a sixth-grader at Kibera’s all-girls school in Nairobi, Kenya. The all girls school is the first of its kind, co-founded by Kennedy Odede and Jessica Posner Odede. The husband and wife team accompanied Akoth to the Summit.The 2015 Women In The World Summit,  Lincoln Center, New York City; 4/24/2015

During the performance we see Eunice cry as she delivers her words with passion. Even with tears running down her right cheek she remains both poised and charismatic with no signs of struggle enunciating her words. Following her speech, the panel asks a few questions and one questions Eunice’s reason for writing the speech. Eunice responds:

“Most of the kids in Kibera are raped, some are neglected by their parents, some are homeless,” she said, fighting back tears after the performance. “Most of them have dreams, but they don’t know how they can achieve them, so I had to write a poem that tells them that they can achieve their dreams.”

I won’t say much but there’s something about this melanin. Eunice is a 10 year old African girl and she is brilliant. From her interview I can tell you now she will be a voice and an activating force in helping change the condition of the motherland. You go baby! Check out her performance and full interview below:


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