Meet Friends of The Family (F.O.F.)

11164197_1190861954259625_1144904083_n“I think I’m in loveeee againnnn!”

Outkast’s “Prototype” is one of my all time favorite songs to vibe to and this past Thursday in Louisville, KY at “The Vibe” open mic I had the honor of watching an all new band cover the song live! How dope is that? I know. These four brothers made the right move when they decided to come together as musicians or as “friends of the family” and assemble a band.

They go by F.O.F. which is short for Friends of The Family. Leading the band with vocals and keys is Mike Miller from Chicago. His voice was deep and soulful, but the man has quite the range. He hit a few highs when the band covered Usher’s “Good Kisser.” Did I mention I loved their song selection? Anyways, on the bass guitar there is Drew from North Florida. He seemed very in tune, like a perfectionist. As he should be, the bass holds any band together. He has a certain look of focus and determination when he plays. On drums there is D’andre Ginyard from Detroit. D’andre had a pretty intense solo during Jaheim’s “Please Don’t Go”. It definitely wasn’t anticipated and the crowd was loving it. Last but not least there is Adonis Gentry on lead guitar and the only one born and raised in Louisville. Adonis also had a dope solo. He started out nonchalant, taking it easy and Mike is like “quit playing.” Adonis smiled and played around a little longer but slowly built it into a crescendo of excellence. It really got the crowd involved motivating the youngest in the group to come out of his shell and play. I say it was all planned to give character to the show!

The fellas have a chemistry. All four guys have unique personalities on stage. A lot of the times I watch bands with good leads like Mike and they overshadow the other players. All the musicians had a solo and I can’t put my finger on it but they had this swag or certain type of persona that gave off enough energy to balance out the crowd capturing lead that is Mike Miller.

F.O.F. climaxed the night at The Cure with the Commodores classic “Brick House” and brought the audience to their feet. This band, with these fellas, and this melanin will soon take the city by storm. But the story of F.O.F. doesn’t end in little ole Louisville. They have national potential. If the cards are played proper, they’ll be a household name in no time!

Want more info on how you can get in contact with F.O.F.? Just email Peace.


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