Meet 2Deep

L to R:  S.G. Smitty, Big Tez
L to R:
S.G. Smitty, RoyalBoy Tez

If you’re from Louisville, KY you may already be familiar with the hip-hop duo that is 2Deep. B96.5 has even spun their new party rocking anthem My Party, My Show  released this past year. “This is my party. this is my show. I’m wit my peoples this how we roll.” S.G. Smitty and RoyalBoy Tez met in daycare in late 1990, and have been like brothers ever since. Tez, introduced S.G. to hip hop in 2003. They had both been singing much of their lives. 2003 is the official year 2Deep was formed. 

Since then the fellas have made strides and are now a well respected and much needed presence on the Louisville music scene. Their camp I Am Royalty Entertainment pays themselves. Some of the livest local shows and parties revolve around the efforts of 2Deep and the I Am Royalty camp.

Smitty and Tez both rap, and though both members could sing, Tez takes care of the vocals. They have a very diverse array of music. The guys had a busy week. Let’s start with last Saturday May 2nd Derby day when the group helped sponsor and performed at The Derby Local Artist Showcase at the Bard’s Town. Then on Wednesday May 6th the group had The Barasti jumping for Tez’s 26th birthday bash. Let’s just say they turned UP! They started with records released 5 and 6 years ago, it was dope to see them take it back – The best way to honor the day one fans out in the audience. Here are a few pics from the night:

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Seems like a good time right? It always is. 2Deep knows how to put on a show. They even have a freakin dance! It’s called the 2Deep shuffle and when My Party, My Show comes on the whole crowd already knows the routine and hops right in! Audience members who have never seen 2Deep perform learn very quickly.

2Deep’s week ended with a performance at This Melanin’s favorite weekly open mic “The Vibe”. A full review of the event that headlined the group was posted via Rewind502! Check it out here. The guys came correct. They stayed within Vibe guidelines and allowed all of us to see just how diverse and unique they are. They went heavy on the RnB. Tez was just saaaangin and Smitty was just vibiiiinn. The groove was too smooth. Both Tez and Smitty are married and one of my favorite songs they performed catered to the love of their wives:

They also performed their latest record “Same Love” a song about the joy of being a father. The record was posted on This Melanin soon after it’s release. Check out “Same Love” here. I was able to interview the guys directly following their performance and when asked where they would be in 5 years, the answer was clear. No more day jobs, 2Deep will be self sufficient, and taking care of their families doing what they love to do!

Yasssss real black family! Yasssss real hip-hop! Yasssssss 2Deep!! They are well on the way with a commitment to consistency in 2015. That is all.


Keep up with 2Deep:

Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.



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