Meet Troy Yopp


I had the opportunity of sitting down and having a 1 on 1 this week with Dynastee Clothing CEO Troy Yopp. Originally from Detroit, MI, the 26 year old now resides in Louisville, KY. He is the creator and owner of Dynastee Clothing. If you’re from the Detroit or Louisville area you likely are familiar as Troy hasn’t been quiet about his success with the brand. From his Royal Court fashion shows in Detroit to showing off the brand on his Fashion Sense Sundays in Louisville – Troy is making his mark.

According to Yopp:

“The brand started because I was broke. I couldn’t afford the name brand. So one day me, my cousin and my bestfriend came up with this idea of making our own clothing line.”

He goes on then to tell me his cousin came up with a logo, he shows me his forearm and the original logo is tatted on him. I thought that said a lot. It told me how important the brand is to Yopp and that it’s something he will stand by for the rest of his life. The original Dynastee logo simply says Dynastee but the D was really fancy. Yopp told me the “D” was actually a D and a J in one. The D and J stand for Don Joe. Don Joe being almost like an alter ego for Yopp and a new way of saying “John Doe”. He tells me the story of how him, his bestfriend LaBaron Wilkins and his cousin who is now known as hip-hop artist Nobdy simply wanted to remain humble through any future success hence the very humble choice of stage names.

donjoe  FullSizeRender

I wanted though to tell Troy’s story outside of the Dynastee line. Which is why I titled this story “Meet Troy Yopp” as opposed to “Meet Don Joe” or “Meet the Dynastee CEO”

Troy Yopp was brought to Louisville in 2012 with a transfer from The Ford Motor company, who he still works with today. He was working in his hometown of Detroit when the plant announced they were about to close. He was offered a transfer to either Chicago or Louisville and it’s evident the location he chose. As he had already been pushing his brand for years in Detroit, he wasted no time when he got to the city. He began networking and meeting new people from the bottom up. Troy was lucky as some of the first people he worked with were Will Green of So Fly Entertainment and DJ ZNyce who currently DJs for the Indiana Pacers and has been one of the hottest club DJs in the Ville for some time. Way to open up the doors and tap into the urban scene! Troy started again throwing his own series of events and marketing the brand in Louisville. He also continued to manage and promote his artist and cousin Nobdy who came down to settle for a while and network in Louisville as well just this past year.

I have a great example of how Yopp strategically tapped into the urban scene with his brand. Check out this dope cypher Yopp put together with DJ Q and a slew of dope I Am Royalty artist in 2014 for his Royal Court event:

Outside of being a designer, event planner, and manager as I mentioned before Troy works for Ford. He was very humble in telling me his title and current position with the company, so let’s just say he’s been blessed. He was in college before he started with Ford in 2006 working to become Dr. Yopp. The plan was to some day deliver babies, but when his mom told him she could no longer pay for school he was forced to find a day job. His mom helped get him the position at Ford and he moved up quickly within the company. With minimal time for school he dropped out for a while. Now in 2015 Troy plans to return to college this fall to start up a degree in business as those dreams of becoming a doctor have changed a bit. The time away from the classroom put him in a position to develop a new passion for business.

While I was wrapping up my interview, I had to ask “Has the city been good to you?” As a Louisville native myself its always shocking to see people come here from bigger cities and settle down without becoming bored. Yopp says:

“The city has been very good to me. Louisville has opened up doors that I didn’t even know existed. It brought me together with people who I would have never known if I hadn’t came here.”

Troy Yopp with mogul Russell Simmons
Troy Yopp with mogul Russell Simmons

In the near future Yopp plans to use his business degree to open up a restaurant/lounge. He even talked about ideas for a sports bar and a freaking hotel chain he wants to start called “The Yopp”!! I know a black man with potential when I see him and I can’t wait to check in at the Yopp Resort in Hawaii on vacation in the next 5 or 10 years! I hope to see all of Troy Yopp’s dreams manifest whether his success comes from Dynastee Clothing, his restaurants, moving up the ladder at Ford, his work with artist Nobdy, or his hotel chain! This melanin right here though – all I can say is you go boy.

Keep up with Troy Yopp aka Don Joe and Dynastee Clothing:

Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.


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