This Melanin’s #AOTW: Lady Breezy

Yayyy! Its This Melanin’s first Artist of The Week and we are starting it off proper with femcee Lady Breezy.


Lady Breezy is a young hip hop artist from Louisville, Ky. She is solely interested in using music as a platform to express herself and uplift other people. She began rapping when she was 9 years old writing her own 8 bar verses and performing in front of her family and friends during holidays. Her first stage name was Bigg Brittany and she recorded several songs on her own under that moniker. In 2006, when she was 16, she got together with a local producer and two high school friends and the group Three Of a Kind was born. They recorded several songs including the local hit “Three Steps” before disbanding in the end of 2007. She decided to stay solo and began recording songs on her laptop. She released her first solo project, “A Girl And A Mic” in 2010:

In October of 2014 she released her second solo project “Walk With Me”:

With her new project, she is now focused on bringing uplifting and inspirational music to people around the world.

This is why I felt Lady Breezy was #AOTW material. She is making very RAW … very REAL music. Stuff that young people with this melanin need to hear.

We’ll be promoting and celebrating Lady Breezy and her music all week! Be sure to follow US on instagram @thismelanin twitter @thismelaninblog and facebook @thismelanin

Keep Up Lady Breezy:


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