Event Review: Roots and Wings Presents – The West End Poetry Opera

11350486_10153311435023684_843177276520937741_nOn May 22nd 2015, a collective of young artist and creative minds known as Roots and Wings put on The West End Poetry Opera at The Kentucky Center for the Arts. The West End is the lowest income side of town in Louisville and is also predominantly black. The broken family, violence, religion, police brutality and more were presented through music, dance, visual art and spoken word. It was a very heart felt and emotional experience as I watched from the audience as a young black woman whose also from the west end of Louisville.

Today, I wanted to share this presentation with our readers as all people with melanin and definitely those without should see this production for the great piece of work it is. The cast and writers had worldly talent and it made the show very captivating. The West End Poetry Opera was creative and most importantly thought provoking.

So here’s the full opera available for stream:

Hope you all enjoy just as much as I did.

Antonio “Da’ Provic´Burroughs, Vay Davis, Hannah L. Drake, Robin “Robin G.” Garner, Brandon “B Shatter” Harrison, Jerron “DJ Nerdboi” Jones, Lance G. Newman II, Tytianna N. M. Wells Smith, Kiara Watts, Cynthia Brown, Chance Garner, Josh Middleton, Jeremy Smitherman, Michael Perry, and Bandman.

Co-Directors: Stacy Bailey-Ndiaye & Theo Edmonds
Stage Managers: Brianna Wright & Josh Miller
Produced by: IDEAS & Bridge Kids International


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