Meet Fiji Waters

11077380_10152567347026157_2612239982098488107_o“Fiji Waters gone sing me light skin.” I seen this quote posted on a facebook status during miss Fiji’s headlining performance this week for The Soul Puff open mic at The Barasti in Louisville, KY. It’s not the first time people have turned colors after hearing this young lady sing though I’m sure. Fiji Waters is a RnB soul vocalist born and raised in Louisville. She first started singing at the age of 4. Now, in her twenties she is chasing her dreams as an artist and has made great strides thus far. On Valentine’s Day 2012 Fiji Waters launched her Water Love series and released her first project. Since then she has released Water Love Volume 2 in 2013 and Water Love Volume 3 in 2015 both also released on Valentine’s Day.

Water Love Vol. 3 (502-718-4424) for purchase!
Water Love Vol. 3 (502-718-4424) for purchase!

Fiji Waters is now headlining and performing at the dopest soul music events in her hometown from The Soul Series to Soul Puff to The Vibe Open Mic to Shadowlands and even the new Rhythm and Wine! People are being blown away by Fiji’s flawless vocal range. But this isn’t all miss water love has going for her. First of all, both her and her music are crazy, sexy, cool. Secondly – the girl can rap, writes her own music, and has even engineered her own work! Woah! She has a diverse content but I enjoy her love and smoke anthem’s the most! Check out some of this melanin from miss Fiji Waters below: 

Keep up with Fiji Waters:

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