New Music: Jep Roadie – Here I Am


New England native Jep Roadie brings us new music today with his latest release “Here I Am”. What a breath of fresh air this record here is. “Here I Am” is a feel good song produced by Layird Music, giving off nothing but positive and uplifting vibes. The song gives ode to friends and family who stick by your side through up and downs. How real is that? Way to freaking go Jep Roadie! Check out his reason for making “Here I Am” in his own words:

“We all have people in our lives who have risked it all for us. We all have people in our lives who put us first. We all have people in our lives who become our saving grace. This is my thank you to them for being so accepting. This is my promise to always be there for them. This is my appreciation for them, forever cemented in time. No matter where life takes me, I could never forget where I come from. I could NEVER FORGET THE PEOPLE WHO showed me happiness. I never really had much other than a great family and support system. After all the bullshit..Here I am. Because of the people who loved me unconditionally. Don’t thank me for the music. Thank my family for getting me to this point. Oh and shout out my little bro Austin for getting accepted into Loyola Marymount and thank you to Dion for buying me a new 98′ Regal. Bless.”

Keep up with Jep Roadie:

Twitter & Soundcloud.


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