#AOTW: T. Ripley

Screenshot_2015-06-29-16-58-29_1As promised T. Ripley is our Artist of the Week. T. Ripley (Antoine Rookard) also Known as “Ripley”, or “T. Rip” is a 24 year old musical artist. Born in Washington, D.C. Til this day he is still influenced by D.C. legends such as Chuck Brown, and the hometown sound known as “Go-Go”. T. Ripley has been around music since elementary, he was a member of his schools marching, and ensemble band until his freshman year in high school, and it shows with his engineer and production work that he does for other artist and himself. While T. Ripley isn’t known as a Producer, he’s known for his skills in the booth. He is under the umbrella media agency “Hippie Outlaw Vision”, a collective of musical artist across the U.S. Look out for the future of music, its shifting towards the DMV and “Ripley” is prepared to be a active face for Maryland D.C. and Virginia music. T. Ripley says:

“People know me because I’m a bit of a socialite and from music that I’m featured on with other artist, and that’s what you have to be if you want to make it in this business, but I stay out the drama and stick to myself and my team(H.O.V). It’s only a few people out here that really want to shine with you, I believe we are those few.”

Earlier this week we featured Ripley’s latest release “Glow”. Check that out here. Below is the official music video for his previous release “NWO”:

I handpicked my favorite song from T. Ripley’s soundcloud. A track called “The Fall”. The kid reminds me of Kid Cudi with his musical approach but he has a unique swag and voice. He fits into the new indie sound movement; lyrical and “wavy”. His image is artsy and elusive. His style is hip-hop and soul. Check out “The Fall”:

We’ll be promoting T. Ripley all week kings and queens. Be sure to follow us via facebook, instagram, and twitter. Peace.

Keep up with T. Ripley:


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