Album Review: AC Unit – Black Ashtray


ACU brings us their highly anticipated debut album “Black Ashtray” today. The 10 track album features production from ACU’s Wop and Sketch, as well as Willy Will and Pinky L and includes one bonus track. If I had to describe the album in one word – Wavy. Roll one up, and prepare to get high. I’ll give a track by track review:

1) The Coolest (produced by Wop) – The track puts a spin on an Outkast classic and introduces the AC Unit as the coolest motherfonkas on the planet.

2) Smell It (produced by Wop) – Features sounds from Kentucky native Pinky Liberachi. As soon as you light it, you can smell it in the air. I love the sampled production on this laid back record. One you can close your eyes and vibe out to. Wop stands out with his verse reminding me of Lil Wayne.

3) Away We Go (produced by Sketch and Willy Will) – Sounds like a west coast hip-hop pop song made especially for summer beach parties or rides down the coast with the windows down.

4) The Feeling (produced by Wop) – One of my favorite cuts from the album and definitely one of the best selections of production. This record is for the club, black hippie turn up style. Its stunt time when “The Feeling” comes on.

5) All Im On (produced by Pinky L) – My favorite song on the album. The hook is catchy, wavy and has a unique sound. Like much of their music, it sounds like nothing out in hip-hop right now. Jesus Phelps, Wop, and Sketch all swagged their verses out complementing the production. Sounds like an anthem.


6) Wonderful High (produced by Willy Will) – Another song for the chiefer’s. Has a west coast hip-hop rock feel.

7) Black Ashtray (produced by Sketch) – Definitely my favorite beat on the album. Sketch set the tone for a dope cut with the production. Another smoker’s anthem and the signature song for the project. It also has a dope break – like a mix of reggae and Latino music sounds. Jesus Phelps stands out with a lyrical verse.

8) King Midas – Has a true southern feel. Sounds like H-Town with the chopped and screwed vocals on the hook. Apparently the unit has the Midas touch, their gonna paint the city gold as soon as the sky falls.

9) Want It All (produced by Wop) – Last but not least, my second favorite song. The most inspiring bit of content on the album is perfect to end the listen. The guys aren’t just marijuana smoke and ashes. They want it all and set the tone for their next project with this one.

“Black Ashtray” is definitely a summer’s listen for the smoker’s. I hope you all enjoy as much as I did.


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