New Music: Supa – Cool Story Bro (Kasanova Diss)

Our Top 50 list has been followed by much controversy since it’s release. The list sent not only Louisville but the entire Kentucky urban music scene in an uproar via social media. Many artists were excited about making the list, as well as their fans, but many were not. One just so happened to be one of Louisville’s dopest mc’s “Supa”. Today, Supa states his claim coming off of a hiatus. He breaks it with no mercy dissing one of the city’s most respected producers and mc’s.”Kasanova” was clearly the target. Even I, had my government name mentioned in “Cool Story Bro” which is laid on Drake’s “Back to Back” instrumental. This ladies and gentlemen is all in good spirit. This is what the indie hip hop scene in the city has been missing. This is why we dropped the list. Welcome back Supa. As a long time Kasanova fan, It would be dope to hear a rebuttal. Check out “Cool Story Bro” below:

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