Book Review: His World Series by Alexis T. Brown

bookIt’s not everyday you read a children’s book as an adult that makes you think or furthermore reread the book to ensure you have grasped the content and correctly received its message. Alexis “Stix” Brown is an artist, writer, illustrator, and publisher from Louisville, KY and she has done just that with an awesome concept for a children’s book series titled His World

The first installment was released in 2014. His World – Is a story about a young boy who loves to play with the world.  Both the reader and young audience follow Son on his journey of making not -so- good decisions. His World Part 2 was just released a few weeks ago and it proves that life always presents opportunities to change a negative to a positive. Below is a short preview and reading of part 1 by misses Lexxah Drew. Check it out:

After reading part 1 my initial thought was “well…this is deep.” After Son’s mom warned him not to play with the world, Son continued playing with the world, got smaller and smaller as he went along and eventually fell right into it. I interpreted this to mean that – if we “play” with our world, we risk destroying it. If we destroy it, we must deal with the consequences cause we are all apart of the world. Yet, people play with the world all the time cause after Son fell into it, he seen many different people whom must have had the same problem. Even after this though the world continued to bounce and turn. Second chances do exist, but we can’t wear them out. In His World Part 2, Son shows his ability to use his second chance the right way. He gets “big” and begins to help the world as opposed to playing with it, as we should. But this is all from my perspective. Below you can check out a perspective from the author and some footage from the book reading event for part 1.

This melanin will be hosting the second book reading event for part 2 this Halloween Saturday Oct. 31st at the Level 7 Recording Studio.


The event will be from 12-4pm, both books will be read by Lance Newman, author Alexis T. Brown will be available to meet and greet and will have hard copies available of both books for just $10. Admission is free, there will be free candy, a free painting project, and a live performance from this melanin’s own Sasha Renee :). If you are not in the Louisville area or if you and the family are unable to attend, no sweat. You can purchase the series now via

Keep up Alexis Brown:

Facebook & Youtube.


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