[ThisMelanin Exclusive] Stream Bryson Tiller’s FULL Album, T R A P S O U L

bryson-tiller-trapsoul-560x560“Years and years we waited on this. Living in a place folks didn’t know existed. Surprise motherfucker, we up in dis bitch!” 

Bryson Tiller drops T R A P S O U L album Oct. 2nd but yesterday he made the full stream available to his fans first via apple music. Tiller came out like the greatest from the Ville himself Muhammad Ali “SWINGING” at the industry with no mercy. The 502 Come Up has officially been set in motion. As an artist from Louisville who has had the pleasure of knowing Bryson personally, being able to work with him, and watch him grow has been amazing and the release of this album is better sweet for our entire community. It will definitely top the billboard charts as the #1 album. Job well done Tiller. My personal favorites are “Exhange”, “502 Come Up”, and “Overtime”. I’ll be doing a track by track album review after I listen to it about 20 more times through!

Below is the full tracklist and stream for T R A P S O U L. Be sure to run and purchase your hard and digital copies on Oct. 2nd when the album is officially released. There’s just something about This Melanin. Enjoy.

Intro (Difference)

Let Em’ Know


For However Long


Open Interlude

Ten Nine Fourteen

The Sequence


502 Come Up

Sorry Not Sorry

Been That Way


Right My Wrongs


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