New Music: Nzuri Music – Music Mission


Nzuri Music is a female neo-soul duo consisting of Vay Mecolle and Kiara Antoinette out of Louisville, KY. Today, they bring This Melanin their new single “Music Mission”. The song is about the joy and love of sharing music. Both Vay and Kiara sing and play guitar. Kiara also raps, and together their flow creates vibes similar to Lauryn Hill, Floetry, and Erykah Badu. According to Nzuri they

aspire to continue to make “beautiful” & positive music to change the sound of the music industry.

With over 20 original songs written by them, they have touched the hearts of many who listen and receive what they have to say. Not only are they artists, but they are motivators. With every chance they get, they continue to share their stories to promote change and what it is like to be African American females in today’s society. Their main motivators are God, family, and everyday people

Stream their new single “Music Mission” below:

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