My rose gold highlighter is lit and I’m not sharing it.

Sultra dropped us off her new single as she ramps up to release her Mimosa Mami EP this Saturday night. “Rose Gold” is a day in the life of Black girl magic. If I could describe it in two words; well, funky and gangsta. From her man having breakfast ready without her needing to ask, to her lathering up with rose water body wash. Sultra definitely swagged this one out with a cool and colorful delivery. When I asked her about why she wrote the record, she told me,

I wrote Rose Gold to celebrate some of my favorite things and my flyness. I love makeup (sometimes), food, having fun, looking pretty and also being strong. I want all women, femmes, etc. to celebrate what makes their aura shine brighter.

We hear you loud and clear honey. Ya’ll check out Sultra aka Sltr Dvn of Cphr Dvn’s new single “Rose Gold” below and be sure to grab your copy of the Mimosa Mami EP this Saturday night at Mag Bar 10pm if you’re in Louisville or purchase it digitally here.

Keep Up With Sultra:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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