I’ve been a fan of tGod since I heard his “Manifest” record at The Vibe Open Mic back in March. Not only were his lyrics legit, but his stage presence, his energy, and genuine confidence stood out. After a series of “King Talk” videos where tGod talks to his peers about manifesting your destiny,  finding yourself, facing your fears, and properly embracing your ego, he releases a new record and music video to go along with it called “King Talk”. The video was created in house by tGod’s team.

We keep a shooter everywhere we go so what you see is organic. We started shooting down the street from my studio back home and everyone started pulling up to support! And that’s what 8TwelveCulture is all about forreal!

My favorite things about the video are tGod’s son and his red Louisville pullover. tGod also continues to represent his 8twelveculture brand in the visual and I was curious about his brand so I reached out to ask him a few questions about it. He breaks it all down for us below, be sure to check out the official music video first and leave your thoughts in the comments. Peace.

KING TALK is actually more of a mindset. It’s a ‘believe in yourself’, ‘take control of your life and spread the good news that it’s possible’ type of thing.  We are Kings and Queens. Controllers of our own lives.  Understand that mindset and you can make anything happen.

8Twelve Culture is something we’ve been building our whole lives.  It’s where we come from, it’s where we are, and where we are going.  A platform for free thinkers to unite and support one another, so collectively we can create the new reality free from illusions society has tried to force on us.

Keep Up With tGod:

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