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Classy Cultural Day Party Affair 10.15.16

In recent years there has been a surge in black consciousness both in America and around the world. People are reaching back to the roots, studying and learning about who they are, and searching for hidden truths. The discovery of our truth has led to well-deserved anger which often leads to depression. So, a rebirth of self-love, appreciation, and respect for our African heritage is long overdue. What better way to tackle the range of emotions that come with black consciousness then to come together with like-minded people in a space created for black love and positivity? One of the many purposes of “The Love Ambassador” is to spread love and unity across the world and that is what we plan to do during “The Classy Cultural Day Party Affair”.

Classy Cultural Day Party Affair

October 15th 2016


Manhattan on Broadway 716 E Broadway, Louisville, KY 40202

Tickets $20 classycultural.eventbrite.com





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Why I’ve Chosen to Buy From Black Boosters

15740983_590449661140179_7280868226901313080_nThis article might get me in some legal trouble, but the way I see it, existing as a poor Black queer woman alone will also get me in legal trouble so I might as well make it juicy.

Many of us have seen it, heard it, or participated in it: Black people stealing items from high-end stores [Black businesses are excluded from this article] and selling them for cheaper prices for 100% of the profit.

For a long time, it was immoral for me to buy boosted items. The way I saw it, if I didn’t have the money to buy it, I obviously didn’t need it. How false is that theory though? If parents don’t have the coins to buy food and clothes for their children, does that mean they don’t need it? No. After reevaluating what it means to exist as Black in America, I’m beyond the belief that because we don’t have the means to get the things we need or even want, we don’t need it. Black people boost and I support that shit. We don’t have access to what other people have in order to simply “pay” for items we need or want. People, especially those who are not Black and have access to get the things they need, will question why Black people boost when the leading question they should be asking themselves is why boosting is such a popular activity that Black people participate in? I will argue that stealing has more to do with the lack of resources Black people have to get the things we need and want rather than our rebellious attitudes and total disregard for the “hard work,” and I say that jokingly, people have put into creating their businesses. Let’s think about two of the many resources that Black people don’t have due to the systems that make it close to impossible to attain them: education and jobs with sustainable pay.

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From Cicily B, to Rob Lee, Derainje Barz, and THEE Edjukated Rebel, this week’s list for the vibe open mic features some of Louisville’s most talented acts from it’s Hip-Hop/RnB/Soul scene. In addition to an awesome lineup of open mic performers, the vibe will feature poet and singer Danielle Olivia. Danielle Olivia recently posted her “Black Lives Matter” poem to Facebook and as many prevalent post related to black consciousness have managed to “disappear” from Facebook without the owner’s consent, the video of her reciting her poem has “disappeared” twice. Danielle will not be silenced and will perform her piece live at the Haymarket this Thursday night. The event starts at 9pm and Danielle will perform at 11pm. See details on flyer below:


Live band Keyvoko & Co. will open the show and assist many artist during their sets. You can find Keyvoko jamming on the weekends at black owned restaurants like The Seafood Lady and Grady’s Bar & Grill on Oak St. Phillip Baynard Jr. of PAB Management will be hosting and setting off Leo season by celebrating his birthday. PAB Management is also one of the sponsors for the night. The second sponsor is Nyce & Sweet Treats who will be selling delicious assorted cupcakes. Both businesses are black owned and operated. There are more gems signed up for the open mic Thursday that surely won’t disappoint but you’ll have to come out to enjoy the show! Tickets are currently on sale for $5  or 2for$5 by Wednesday night via eventbrite:


Keep Up With The Vibe Open Mic:


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Music Video: Kori Black – Petty

Shot and edited by Corleone Films, Kori Black brings us her official music video for her single “Petty” that was released on her debut mixtape “All The Way Back”. Since it’s release, “Petty” has remained one of the most popular songs within the indie Louisville music scene. The visual is filled with petty humor, girls having fun, and the “sexy, crazy, cool” energy that is Kori Black. Most recently, Kori has been nominated for 3 ELITEgiance awards (formally known as the KYMP KAMP awards) including Rookie of the Year, Best RnB Artist, and Best Mixtape by Artist and DJ. Vote here: http://www.theelitegiance.com and check out the visual for “Petty” below:

Keep Up With Kori Black:

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New Music: Rob Lee – Monday Morning (Rap Remix) feat. Tay All Day, Dom B, & Sasha Renee

We bacccckkkk! Thismelanin is breaking it’s 7 month hiatus to release the second installment of Rob Lee’s single “Monday Morning”. The “Rap Remix” features Louisville area Hip-Hop heavy hitters Tay All Day, Dom B, and thismelanin’s own Sasha Renee. Check it out below and tell us what you think:

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Keep Up With Tay All Day:


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Keep Up With Sasha Renee:

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New Music: Rob Lee – Monday Morning


It’s Monday Morning and male RnB artist Rob Lee has dropped off a special treat. The Louisville native just released his highly anticipated “Monday Morning” single. Since I first heard it, it’s been one of those songs that pops in my head at random times of day, causing random bopping, resulting in plenty of “Is there something you are listening to that I can’t hear” remarks from friends and after listening you’ll know what I mean. The record is a combination of super sexy and super catchy. According to Rob Lee,

“The song is about being in the cycle of being interested in someone, spending time with them, creating a connection only to have them disappear and reappear over and over. “

Check out Monday Morning below:

Keep up with Rob Lee:

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D.A.T.T. Presents #TalaMondays

received_422126844650703_vectorized (1)

What is D.A.T.T.?

Established as Diverse Society Cultural Empowerment Reform on July 2, 2014, Diversity At The Table erupted after a year of stimulating conversations, that discuss the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality and how it relates to social justice issues, especially in regards, but not limited to, Black Queer Women. Coming up on its second year as a life changing community organization, DATT plans to reach the larger Louisville community through conversations, workshops, and interactive activities around diversity and equality.

What is #TalaMondays?

“Tala” is the nickname of D.A.T.T.’s founder, Talesha Wilson. Every Monday, this community organization opens its doors and invites people of all social constructions to the table to debate about and listen to different perspectives on controversial issues such as gender roles, gender id, women in the media, cinderella, sex positivity, slut bashing, rape culture, sexual orientation, religion, #BlackLivesMatter, and ect. DATT offers a space filled with love, positivity, “dope” vibes, and most importantly, validation that allows people to be unapologetically who they are. The meetings currently take place at 7pm at 810 Barret Ave. in Louisville, KY but is subject to change. Below is this week’s flyer:


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